2 comments on “GEO Responds To Provost Easter Massmail

  1. Provost Easter’s massmail really ticked me off. I didn’t really know much about the details of all that’s been going on, but that massmail for the Chancellor’s “announcement” was just blatantly spewing propaganda. What a joke. I’m sad to see the university resort to such despicable measures – that they would even have the nerve to send such things into our email inboxes. Press on GEO!

  2. I agree with Andy. I had to reread the massmail several times to make sure I was getting it right– especially the parts regarding the bargaining since April (despite their FIRST counter-proposal only mere days before the contracts ended in August) and tuition waivers as an 11th hour proposal. Wow, seriously? With such blatant disregard for accurate information, I can only hope that Provost Easter had it horribly wrong and did not know the truth. Sadly, however, I don’t think that is the case.

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