Department of Classics Faculty Resolution In Support of the GEO

September 22, 2000
At the Department of the Classics Executive Committee meeting held the afternoon of September 22, 2000, with all tenured and tenure track members of the faculty present, the following was voted unanimously in support of the GEO:
We, the faculty of the Department of the Classics at the University Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, join with our colleagues in the Departments of English, French and History, and the Programs in Comparative Literature and Women’s Studies to support the rights of graduate employees to organize and bargain collectively, and we call upon the administration to recognize the Graduate Employees Organization (GEO) and to sit down and bargain with that organization in good faith and in the interests of graduate employees and other interested parties. We believe that recognizing the GEO will improve working conditions for graduate students, improve the relation between graduate students and faculty, and help us attract and retain the best graduate students at the University of Illinois.
Furthermore, we urge our colleagues in departments and units across the campus to join us in our support of these basic rights and in an effort to avoid the disruption that is likely to result from the current administration policy with regard to the just concerns of graduate employees.
Sincerely yours,
The Faculty of the Department of the Classics:
James A. Dengate, Chair
G. M. Browne
William M. Calder, III
Howard Jacobson
Maryline G. Parca
Miriam P. Pittinger
David Sansone