Faculty Petition In Support of GEO

We the undersigned faculty at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
urge the entire community to join with us in affirming that every group
of university employees has the right to choose for itself whether or
not to negotiate salary and working conditions through collective bargaining.
In the absence of clear enabling legislation the administration can bargain
by consent. We urge the administration to honor the democratically expressed
decision of our graduate employees to form a union. We urge the administration
to recognize the Graduate Employees Organization as their bargaining agent
and to begin bargaining in good faith. Finally, we believe there should
be no reprisals for graduate students participating in the job actions
traditionally associated with organizing campaigns.

Mark Aber
Gary Adelman
Nicole Allen
Mark Alleyne
Anthony J Ballantyne
James Barrett
Howard Berenbaum
Merle Bowen
Francis Boyle
Antoinette Burton
Vernon Burton
Robert Carringer
Nancy Castro
Margaret Chaplan
Dan Cook
Don Crummey
Stephen Davenport
Susan Davis
Tim Dean
Gary Dell
Steve Douglas
Jed Esty
Louise Fitzgerald
Stephanie Foote
George Francis
Karen Fresco
Zsuzsa Gille
Dara Goldman
Lauren Goodlad
Philip Graham
Debra Hawhee

James Hay
Wendy Heller
Kristin Hoganson
Fred Hoxie
James Hurt
Eva-Lynn Alicia Jagoe
Fred Jaher
Christine Jenkins
Steve Jones
Al Kagan
Stephen Kauffman
Suvir Kaul
William Kelleher
Janet Keller
Diane Koenker
Craig Koslofsky
Lisa Lampert
Mark Leff
Zachary Lesser
Ania Loomba
Alejandro Lugo
Trish Loughran
William Maxwell
Robert McChesney
Leon McCulloh
Roderick McDonald
Evan Melhado
Arthur Melnick
Mark S. Micale
Faranak Mifatab
Adlai Murdoch

Cary Nelson
John Nerone
Lori Newcomb
Robert Parker
Audrey Petty
Jan Nederveen Pieterse
Anand Pillay
Elizabeth Pleck
Esther Portnoy
Richard Powers
Andrea Press
Dana Rabin
John Randolph
David Roediger
Rolando Romero
Michael Rothberg
Sonya Salamon
Mahir Saul
Julia Saville
Daniel Schiller
Michael Shapiro
Mark Steinberg
Zoreh Sullivan
Mark Christian Thompson
Angharad Valdivia
Joseph Valente
Lou van den Dries
Steven Wagner
Bruce Williams
David Wilson
Gillen Wood
David Wright


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