geo support form

You Support the GEO?

Then Tell Others About

Please consider answering the questions below and submitting them to the GEO. Your answers will help the GEO illustrate to others why a union is important. We will be collecting and compiling the answers we receive and hope to use them in our literature and on the GEO’s web page!

I Support the GEO…

Firstname:   M.I.: 
State:   Zip Code: 
Home Phone: 
E-Mail Address: 
I'm a graduate employee at the University of Illinois: 
Department Enrolled in: 
Department Employed in: 
Position:  TA  GA  RA  PGA  Other

And Here’s Why…

Please try to address some or all of the following questions/issues
in your statement:

  1. Why do you support the GEO?

  2. How do you feel the GEO positively affects graduate employees
    and the university community as a whole?

  3. Are there specific issues that face you as a graduate employee
    that you’d like others to know about?

  4. If you are an international student, enrolled or employed in
    the sciences, a faculty member, an undergraduate, a university alumna/alumnus,
    or a supporter from the community, please indicate how the GEO does or could
    positively affect your particular constituency.


I authorize the GEO to use my above statement, in whole or in part,
along with my name in their literature or on their web page.

I would be willing to have my picture included with my statement, please
contact me to set up a time to take it.