Calling the administration

Take 5 minutes RIGHT NOW to let the university know that you won’t put up with their stall tactics!
Contact the representative of their bargaining team (a call is worth 20 emails, but do what you can) AND get 5 of your GEO friends to do the same. You might even be able to call over the weekend and leave messages (I’m not sure if you can get directly to Peg Rawles’ voicemail though).
Make sure to email us after you call/email so that we can gauge how many people contacted their office. All details are below, let me know if you have any questions. (, 721-0453)

+ Phone: 333-0560 (during business hours, a secretary will answer to direct your call; be nice!) or email Peg Rawles (the UI chief negotiator).
+ Identify yourself, and state clearly that you’re a member of the GEO.
+ State that you heard through the grapevine that the UI thought it might be unprepared to give a counter on healthcare and wages at the April 14 bargaining session.
+ Tell them that it’s disturbing/unacceptable! We need a healthcare and wage counterproposal, and we need it NOW — grads have waited too long as our costs rise and our health hangs in the balance. Tell the UI to demonstrate its commitment to its grad employees and PRESENT HEALTHCARE AND WAGE COUNTERPROPOSALS AT THE VERY NEXT BARGAINING SESSION!