Rally to eliminate ‘Chief Illiniwek’

The GEO is co-sponsoring the Day of Silence, an event to bring awareness to the injustice experienced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. On Wednesday, April 21st, volunteers will be distributing literature on the quad to call attention to the experiences of LGBT people. Symbolic of the LGBT community’s limited political voice, event participants will pass out leaflets without speaking. If you are interested in helping to spread the silent message of equality for LGBT people, or if you would like to help design a GEO flyer for the event, email us.

From the Progressive Resource/Action Cooperative
Dear friends,
As many of you know, the University of Illinois Board of Trustees was scheduled to meet on Thursday, April 15th in Chicago. However, the BOT cancelled their meeting to avoid a resolution placed on their agenda by the student trustee to eliminate “Chief Illiniwek.”
The Board is also trying to change their meeting rules to forbid a single trustee from placing an issue on the agenda for discussion without the support of other trustees, further eroding the potential power of the student trustee.
These most recent moves by the Board are even more outrageous and undemocratic than their past actions. This reckless abuse of power and subversion of democracy at UIUC by the Board of Trustees has to be put to a stop and we need your help to do that!
Join us for a rally on Thursday, April 15th (the day the Board was supposed to have met) at 12 noon to demand the elimination of “Chief Illinwek” and a return of democracy and unity to the UIUC campus.