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According to Matt McClain, TA in Electrical and Computer Engineering and GEO
officer, “bargaining actions and other demonstrations of membership strength
have produced some improvements in benefits and working conditions.”**
Unfortunately the work is far from over. Under the University’s current
proposals, graduate employees would still receive a substandard health
package and have few real protections against overwork, discrimination, or
unjust discipline/termination.
The April 28 picket does not only target University officials. Matt Gordon,
RA in Physics and GEO lead steward took a trip to Springfield over spring
break to encourage legislators to prioritize higher education funding.
“Legislators say that they don’t see people speaking up about the cuts,”
says Gordon,”we have to show them otherwise.” Over the past few months the
University administration has repeatedly expressed their intention to
request mediation. “Unless we demonstrate the strength of our union, an
outside mediator can only recommend the status quo.” Said Natalie Havlin,
GEO member and English TA. ” We know we won’t settle for anything less than
quality health care and fair pay. To get results at the bargaining table, we
have to make sure that the university knows that as well.”
Now is the time to take part – YOUR healthcare, pay, and working conditions
depend on it!
**The details of the proposals under negotiation can not be posted publicly
but have been sent via email and as a paper mailing to GEO members and
non-members in the bargaining unit.
Graduate employees interested in participating on April 28 are encouraged to signup below or by email. Don’t forget to wear your GEO t-shirt!

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