Ratification Vote Begins!

A General Membership Meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 27 at 5pm in
the University YMCA to discuss the tentative agreement and to SET INTERIM
DUES. Please RSVP to geo@uigeo.org and let us know if you can attend this
important meeting. The deadline to cast a ballot is Monday, August 2 at 5pm.

All GEO members are eligible to vote on the proposed contract regardless of current employment status. Graduate employees who have not yet joined GEO are strongly encouraged to join and vote in this referendum. The deadline to cast a ballot is Monday, August 2 at 5pm. There are several ways to vote in the referendum:
1) E-mail ballots. Members will soon receive an email ballot at your UIUC email account. You may vote by responding to the email. A random number will be assigned to your ballot to preserve anonymity and ensure only members vote. If you do not receive an email ballot, please call the GEO office to make sure you are a member (217-344-8283).
2) Vote at the polls. Polling sites will be open from 10am to 6pm on July 28 and July 29th. During these times members may vote at the GEO office or at a booth in the southwest entrance of the Illini Union. Non-members may join at the polling site. The GEO office is located on the second floor of the University YMCA (1001 S. Wright St, Champaign).
3) Mail in a ballot. All members will be sent a ballot to the local address you have given the University. The mailing will include instructions on how to send in a ballot. Please allow ample time for your ballot to arrive by August 2nd at 5pm.
4) Vote with a GEO steward or an organizer. Stewards and organizers will be visiting members’ offices and homes to collect sealed ballots. Make sure you receive a receipt after submitting your ballot. You can verify that your vote was counted by attending the vote count or by calling the GEO office after balloting ends.
Whichever method you choose to vote PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY to ensure your ballot is counted.