GEO Stages Demonstration to Protest University’s Contract Violations

Three weeks after the historic ratification of a labor contract between the University of Illinois and its graduate and teaching assistants, it appears that the University has no intention of honoring the terms of the agreement. In repsonse, the GEO has called for a demonstration this Thursday at 11:30AM at Henry Adminstration Building.

Among the most serious breaches of the contract:
*The University has not announced that TA’s and GA’s are represented by the Union or that their labor is covered by a contract. In addition, its Office of Legal Counsel has interfered with the efforts of the GEO to reach incoming employees.
*Many graduate employees have not been granted tuition waivers yet. While the Administration has told GEO that the problem is because of glitches in the payroll software, the Office of Student Accounts has been told by the UI to inform grads that the delay is a result of the graduate employee contract not being signed.
*President James Stukel has refused to assure that Payroll Services will assess union dues from graduate employees’ paychecks until an unspecified date.
The democratically-elected officers of the GEO have been meeting this week with representatives with our affiliate, the Illinois Federation of Teachers, to discuss a possible legal response. An announcement on this issue will be made shortly. Meanwhile, a mass demonstration has been called for Thursday from 11:30 – 1:30 at Henry Administration Building near the Quad.