Join GEO!

The Graduate Employees’ Organization (GEO) is a democratic, volunteer-run union that has been fighting to improve graduate working conditions since 1988. Graduate employees come together through GEO to have influence over decisions that affect our every day lives. This page is intended to help you navigate the GEO site and decide whether you want to join your union. We encourage you to call the GEO office at 344-8283 or talk to a departmental steward to get the scoop on the GEO.

Membership is a statement of unity with your fellow graduate employees. It improves our collective strength and allows you to vote within the GEO. While there are no time requirements of membership, the GEO is run by volunteers and all members are encouraged to vote on bargaining platforms, contracts, and other GEO issues. Take a few minutes to browse the GEO website for more information:

  • Find answers to frequently asked questions, or learn more about GEO’s history.
  • Read up on the graduate employee contract.
  • GEO is supported by dues that members pay and the representation fee that non-members pay. Everyone covered by the contract pays the same amount regardless of their membership status. You can find out more about dues here.
  • Read old news articles about the GEO.
  • Request to join GEO. If you leave your contact information, a GEO representative will be in touch with you right away.
  • Download and print a GEO Membership Card. Then drop it off at the GEO office or contact the office and someone will come by to get it!