Healthcare action

This Thursday the U of I Board of Trustees will consider changes to the health insurance plan of graduate employees. The current insurance plan seriously lags in comparison to peer institutions. The GEO has worked tirelessly to push the Trustees to adopt a new coverage plan that would better meet our needs, but the proposed University plan has failed to address our major concerns.
We need you – graduate employees, student and supporters – to come to the Illini Union this Thursday at 8:30am and rally to encourage the Trustees to vote NO to the proposed plan. The Board of Trustees is having its public comment session, inside the Union, at 9:00am.
Please click on the headline above and fill out our form to let us know that you will be attending.

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  5. We have also been gathering postcards, which we will forward to the BoT, that call for adequate health insurance for graduate employees.
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