How to Stop Excessive Payroll Deductions

The G.E.O. received numerous questions and complaints about payroll issues, so we have published a guide to two common payroll concerns.

To begin, the GEO recommend that grads scrutinize their pay ‘stub’ every pay period, as errors may crop up at any time. As you probably know, this may be done online at any time by going to the ‘Compensation’ portion of NESSIE.
Now for the first error: many grad employees have been erroneously charged for ‘FICA-Medicare’ and ‘Old Age Survivor Disability Insurance’. These are Medicare and Social Security, respectively. As a graduate employee, you are NOT supposed to have these deducted. This is a mistake on the University’s part. It is something they are aware occurs but apparently have been unable or unwilling to fix. For the average 50% appointment, these fees may cost $100/month.
What to do if these fees occur? We recommend the following steps:
Go to the Payroll Office on the first floor of Henry (east side). As a precaution, you should print out your ‘stub’, though they will be able to just look you up. Payroll staff are aware of the problem and likely will not give you any trouble about it. They will credit your account — most likely during the next pay cycle. Be vigilant and check your account.
The second concern many employees have had is with what seems to be repetitive deductions of GEO dues for some members. This would appear something like this on your ‘stub’:
Graduate Employee Org UIUC-MO 3.00
U-GEO Dues 36.41
Thus, it would seem you are having dues taken out twice, once as the $3 nominal fee for non-bargaining unit members. This was originally the case. However, the administration’s brilliant solution has been not to remove the extra line, but rather to adjust the fair share dues line so that the two in *combination* equal the 2% dues level. We recommend that you calculate this yourself to make sure excessive dues are not being removed from your paycheck. (i.e., all dues lines should total approx. 2% of your ‘taxable gross’ for the month.)
Don’t hesitate to contact GEO with questions or concerns; with your help, we can keep tabs on the extent of the problem and know when the problem is fixed.
In solidarity,
Charles Byrne
Steward, Philosophy