GEO supports coalition to defend Social Security

The GEO is supporting efforts in the 15th Congressional District
to defend the Social Security program, which provides
retirement, survivor, and disability benefits to millions of American
workers each month. The 15th Congressional District Committee
of Illinois United to Protect Social Security calls on Congressman
Tim Johnson to oppose any legislation that would reduce current or
future benefits, divert contributions from the Social Security
Trust Fund, or increase the federal deficit in order to fund
private accounts.

Local efforts have already had some success:
a spokesman for 15th District Representative Tim Johnson
has said that private accounts should be “taken off the table”
of the discussion concerning strengthening the systems
long-term finances. (Under the President’s proposal,
private accounts would be associated with a cut in guaranteed
benefits and would undermine the Social Security system’s finances.)
Other organizations supporting the coalition include:
Champaign County Health Care Consumers
AFL-CIO of Champaign County
AFSCME Retirees Subchapter 88
Campaign for Real Choice in Illinois
Union of Professional Employees, UIUC
Steelworkers Local 6-972
Machinists Lodge 1000 Senior Club
Iron Workers Local 380
Laborers Local 159
Decatur Trades and Labor Assembly, AFL-CIO
Committee for Social Action
UAW Local 751
Illinois Pipe Trades Association
UAW Local 2488
AFSCME Retirees Subchapter 79