Visa reform petitions delivered

On June 2 I raised the visa reform issue with Senators Durbin
and Obama and delivered the petitions that GEO members
circulated calling for reform of immigration policy so that
international graduate students can go home or go abroad for
conferences without fear of being stranded and having their
studies interrupted.

Durbin answered on behalf of both of them and agreed that
current policy is keeping out people that we want to come to
the U.S. and said that he would work to fix it.
I also met with Representative Tim Johnson’s staffer who
handles immigration. She said that they are very concerned
about the issue, that they have had conversations with UI
officials about it, that there was legislation in the last
Congress, that she would check if it’s being introduced this
year, that if it was they would consider co-sponsoring it. The
members of the International Committee will continue to
monitor this issue and keep you informed of any developments.
Bob Naiman
GEO Steward department of Economics