GEO Endorses Save TAM

Help Guarantee Funding for TA positions in the Theoretical and Applied Mechanics!
The GEO has voted to endorse the SAVE TAM campaign- an effort aiming to prevent the merger of the department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (TAM) with the department of Mechanical Engineering. TAM graduate employees have been shut out of participating in the merger process and have not been guaranteed appointments if the merger were to take place. Please support SAVE TAM by showing support at the rally, which coincides with a public hearing about the merger sponsored by the Senate Educational Policy Committee.
For more information, please contact Katie Toohey of TAM/GEO
( or Martha Webber, the GEO Stewards’ Council co-chair (
SAVE TAM Rally: Wednesday, Dec. 7 3-5:30 pm; Engineering Sciences Bldg (Springfield and Goodwin)
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I. Interim Dean of Engineering has proposed a merger between Theoretical
and Applied Mechanics (TAM) and Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
II. The justifications listed in the proposal are weak at best and include
-Creating synergy.
-TAM is “sub-critical” in size.
-Bigger is better.

I. Before the administration encouraged faculty to transfer and prevented
TAM from rehiring, it was a strong and growing department.
II. All of TAM (faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students) are
opposed to the merger.
III. TAM teaches service courses (~3000 students per year) for Engineering
and the merger proposal does not have a plan for these courses, thus
-A merger will have a negative impact on the quality of teaching.
-Graduate teaching assistants in TAM may lose their source of funding.
-TAM graduate and senior level courses may be eliminated after a merger.
– “There will be no immediate change in [TAM] degree programs,” (quoted
from merger proposal) but in the long term degrees may not be offered.

1. Participate in the rally on Dec. 7 (3pm). Voice your opinion.
2. Encourage the Student/Faculty Senate to vote against the proposed merger.
3. Ultimately, maintain TAM as an independent department, thereby
– Guaranteeing funding for TAM teaching assistants.
– Guaranteeing that TAM courses will continue to be offered.
– Guaranteeing all TAM degree programs will continue.
– Preserve the high quality instruction TAM has always offered.
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