NYU Grad Employees Need Your Support

nyu_bargain_now.png Unionized graduate employees at NYU are going into their 4th week on strike. Our colleagues need our support in defending their right to union representation, a fair contract, and the ability to file work grievances that end in 3rd party arbitration. The graduate employee union, GSOC, at NYU has asked that members of graduate unions and faculty members across the country put pressure on the NYU administration to bargain a contract.
There are three things you can do right now to support TAs on strike:
1. Sign an online petition urging NYU to negotiate here
2. You can contact NYU President John Sexton at john.sexton@nyu.edu or 212.998.2345 to urge him to negotiate and recognize assistantships for what they are: work and not merely “professional development.” Please cc a copy to Martin Lipton, the chair of NYU’s Board of Trustees, MLipton@wlrk.com as well as the provost David McLaughlin (david.mclaughlin@nyu.edu).
3. Support GSOC’s strike fund. Click here for more information on where to send a check.
To keep updated on the strike, visit the following webpages:
Democracy Now News Story (with a brief mention of GEO-UIUC’s efforts to help GSOC)
NYU Strike Info Clearing House
Nerds on Strike Blog


Donate to the Strike Fund

If you would like to support striking grad employees on the picket line, you can donate to the union’s strike fund. GSOC’s strike fund provides $200/week to strikers if NYU decides to cut their pay. Also the strike fund pays for coffee and snacks on cold picket days.
Checks can be made out to: “UAW Local 2110 Strike Fund.”
Mail it to:
UAW Local 2110
113 University Place, 5th floor
New York, NY 10003