Graduate Employee Union Contracts

Below are links to contracts won by graduate employee unions around the
country. These contracts were negotiated by graduate employees for graduate
employees. They guarantee basic rights and a powerful voice in the decision
making process on each of the campuses. This is what GEO is fighting for!

For a summary of some of the most notable provisions in these contracts,
see our Contract Comparison page.

Many of the contracts are viewable on your current web browser. Some
are PDF files that require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not
have Acrobat® Reader, you can download the latest and most appropriate
version for your computer here.

Oregon State University
Coalition of Graduate Employees/AFT

Rutgers AAUP

Graduate Student Employees Union/CWA

University of California (8 campuses)

University of Florida
Graduate Employees Union/AFT/NEA

University of Iowa
Campaign to Organize Graduate Students/UE

University of Kansas
Graduate Teaching Assistants’ Coalition/AFT

University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Graduate Employees Organization/UAW

University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
Graduate Employees Organization/AFT

University of Oregon
Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation/AFT

University of Wisconsin at Madison
Teaching Assistants Association/AFT

University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
Milwaukee Graduate Assistants Association/AFT

Wayne State University
Graduate Employees Organizing Committee/AFT