summer assistantships

IMPORTANT Message for Summer TA’s and GA’s who won’t be taking any classes/credits:

The GEO contract guarantees your right to a subsidy on your health insurance and a full waiver of your Health Services (McKinley) Fee. However, the university’s system of providing waivers and subsidies is based on whether you are enrolled in a course. Therefore, the university has implemented a system for those TA’s/GA’s who will not be enrolled in any courses. You will need to enroll in a dummy summer course (an empty course that is not reported on transcripts and requires no work). Enrollment in this dummy course will trigger fee assessment and reimbursement. This only applies to those who will have a teaching or graduate assistantship this summer and who won’t be taking any courses during that time. All others can ignore this notice. If you have questions, please call the GEO office (344-8283) or email at