University says NO to safety concerns on campus

On 13th of September 2006, more than 50 GEO members gathered at Grainger engineering library to get an update on bargaining. The members were visibly angry when they heard about the unwillingness of university administration to negotiate on important issues like healthcare and wage increases. In the latest bargaining session, the administration refused to act on the GEO proposal to improve safety on campus and at the workplace. Later, the participants marched from Grainger to Swanlund building to demand that the university listen to and address the safety and other concerns of grad employees.
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It’s been over 4 years since the GEO last entered Swanlund Administration Building. The last occupation of Swanlund resulted in the Unversity finally sitting down at the table. We left today, but members are getting really angry, so who knows what the future holds??
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Picket 091306 022.jpg