Contract Ratification Info

On February 2, the GEO and University bargaining teams reached a tentative agreement on a new contract.
The agreement must now be ratified by the GEO membership. All GEO members are encouraged to vote. If you are not yet a GEO member and would like to take part in this historic vote, you must sign a GEO membership card first.
Ways to cast your ballot:
1. By mail. All members and fair-share payers for whom we have a valid address should have already received a ballot in the mail. Follow the directions in that mailing to mail in your ballot.
2. In person. You can vote in person at the General Membership Meeting on Saturday (12-2pm in the YMCA) or by coming to the GEO office anytime between 10am and 6pm Friday or Monday, or 10am – 12 (noon) on Tuesday.
A second polling location will also be open in the first floor cafe area of the Siebel Center, 10am – 2pm, Friday and Monday, and 10am-12(noon) on Tuesday.