Resolution against “Unofficial”

GEO Passes Resolution Condemning “Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day”
In accordance with the bylaw on Endorsement of a Public Awareness and/or Social Advocacy Campaign, both the Coordinating Committee (2/25/08) and Stewards’ Council (2/27/08) have unanimously voted to endorse the following resolution:
WHEREAS, “Unofficial St Patrick’s Day” is a bar-developed holiday that reduces Irishness to slogans like ‘Drink Until You’re Irish’ and ‘Instant Irish: Just Add Alcohol’; and
WHEREAS, this campus has an unfortunate history of appropriating culture and perpetuating stereotypes in an unacceptable manner; and
WHEREAS, student activities on this day endanger the lives and well-being of students, of GEO members, and of members of our communities; and
WHEREAS, events on this day have interfered with the ability of our members to discharge their duties in a timely manner
EXPRESSES its conviction that ‘Unofficial St Patrick’s Day’ is an unacceptable example of ethnic stereotyping;
CONDEMNS this exploitation by local business-people of ethnic stereotyping for selfish gain;
SUPPORTS reasonable efforts by the university administration to eliminate dangerous practices on the day;
ENCOURAGES its members to educate their students as to the broader context of their actions;
IS CONCERNED for the safety of students and others;
ENCOURAGES students and others to act in a safe and responsible manner; and
DIRECTS its representatives to promulgate this decision as appropriate.