Drum Workshop

Who: Chad Dunn, you, me and 27 other friendly people
When: 6:00-9:00 pm Monday, October 27, 2008
Where: Murphy Lounge, YMCA
How (much): FREE
Why: Because it’s a good time to make a joyful sound!
Chad Dunn will be leading a free percussion workshop Monday, October 27. It’s the first step toward our creating a GEO drum ensemble to give our rallies a solid sound presence and to have serious fun. This workshop is geared for all levels of experience. Whether it’s your first time ever playing percussion or if you’re a seasoned player, there will be plenty of opportunity to groove together.
No instruments are required, as Chad will bring a complete percussion outfit. However, there will be a maximum capacity of 30 people for this workshop. If you are interested, please send notice to Will Hope at geo.hope@gmail.com .