Rally for a Contract a Huge Success

When we show up, they back down!
Over 250 of our members and campus allies turned out for the rally on Wednesday – we marched from the quad to Levis, and heard outstanding speeches from Cary Nelson, Aaron Ammons, Gene Vanderport and our very own Kerry Pimblott. The bargaining team can’t emphasize enough how inspirational it was to have such a wonderful and enthusiastic member turnout, and I think that we can count the rally as a major success. It is events like these that really show the administration that WE, the membership, won’t stand for a contract that freezes our wages and erodes our rights as employees. More than anything else, the success of this rally is due to all of us working together to organize – so great work everyone!
We also owe thanks to our allies in the Campus Labor Coalition, the ISO, and student groups on campus including La Colectiva.