GEO Welcomes New Staff

Thanks to a generous grant from the IFT, the GEO has hired three new temporary staff organizers. Drop by the office to welcome them.
Tristan Bunner is a 2008 graduate from UC Berkeley with a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology. He has been involved in political organizing for over 7 years, the last 4 years with the labor movement in particular. He is very excited to be working with the GEO and sees a lot of potential for success in this campaign.
Miriam Larson is an Urbana native who recently moved back from Minneapolis, Minnesota where she co-founded and worked as a volunteer organizer for the Experimental College of the Twin Cities, an organization that started in response to cuts to access in higher education at several area universities (more info at Miriam spent her last year working as an Americorps member with a domestic violence organization, Casa de Esperanza. She graduated from Macalester College with a double major in American Studies and Music and continues to play music with a local Urbana contra-dance band.
Amy Livingston is a 2009 graduate of the MA program in Philosophy at the University of Memphis, where she was also a graduate employee. She has extensive experience as a community organizer in Memphis but is new to organized labor. She is eager to support the members of the GEO in their struggle for justice in the workplace.