Voting Locations

GEO Members: The Last Day of Voting is Friday, November 6!

GEO Members, please vote today regarding the GEO strike authorization. Almost 400 people came to the general meeting and voted Wednesday night. Results will be in by Monday.

Voting locations are:
GEO office (YMCA, 2nd floor), Thursday and Friday 9 am-5 pm
FLB, west end of main lobby, Thursday and Friday 9 am-12 pm
Gregory Hall, main floor west side near Communications library, Thursday 9 am-3 pm
Davenport, first floor by Anthropology grad lounge, Thursday 12 pm-3 pm and Friday 9 am-12 pm
English, Journals room, Thursday and Friday 12 pm-3 pm
North quad, Grainger library, Springfield Ave. entrance, Friday 12 pm-3 pm
South quad, Buell Hall, ground floor courtyard, Friday 12 pm-3 pm

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