GEO Encourages Members to Vote in UI Student Elections

This is a special notice about the U of I Student Elections, running online today, March 2nd, and tomorrow, March 3rd.  While the GEO has not endorsed a specific candidate, the Steward’s Council has voted to encourage GEO members to participate in UI Student Elections.  Graduate students are eligible to vote – just go to

While there are many candidates and issues that affect graduate employees, among the more important are the candidates for Student Trustee.  The Student Trustee has a position on the Board of Trustees, the governing body of the University, and as such has real influence over University policy.  The GEO held a town hall forum for the Trustee candidates on Thursday, and each has provided a brief written statement to the GEO describing their candidacy.  The statements, along with the website for each candidate, have been sent out this morning over the GEO-L for members to peruse.  The candidates are Owais M. Ahmed, Daniel Soso, David Wall, and Dan Weber.

Graduate Employees: vote online today and tomorrow at!

2 thoughts on “GEO Encourages Members to Vote in UI Student Elections”

  1. Broken link to David Wall’s web site should really be .

    Daniel Soso’s web site is , which links directly to the ballot. I guess he has no words for us. In that case, I don’t have a vote for him…

  2. Jack,

    Thanks for the link update – we used what we got from the candidates.

    – Peter

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