All Out to Access and Equality Rally Tomorrow, August 16, 8:45 am!

GEO Members and Campus and C-U Activists,

The GEO Rally for Access and Equality tomorrow morning–8/16, 8:45 am, Levis Faculty Center–is our most important event so far in bargaining.  Our contract with the University expires today, but the administration team continues to stall in the room.

A big turnout at the rally will set the stage for our negotiations as we enter the new school year: 

It will send a clear message to the admin team that as more of our members return to campus, we demand movement and fair negotiations in the bargaining room: we don’t accept the administration’s refusal to agree to reasonable, no cost contract proposals unless the GEO agrees to major financial concessions in exchange. 

It will send a clear message to the admin team that when we ask for contract language that protects working parents, GLBTQ people, people of color, international students, and immigrants in our bargaining unit, we don’t accept their proposals to put a price on the rights and safety of our members.

It will provide vital support for our bargaining team as they demand, for the first time in GEO history, that the rights and protections in our contract be made available to all UIUC TAs and GAs, no matter who we are or how we love.

It will show that we as a union, a campus, and a community back the bargaining team in all of our four pillars–Access & Equality, Health Care, a Living Wage, and Tuition waivers–and that we won’t back down until we’ve won a fair and just contract for all members of our bargaining unit.   

See you tomorrow morning–until we win! 

–GEO Communications Committee, Access and Equality Caucus, and Bargaining Team

FOR MORE INFORMATION on negotiations or on what the bargaining team will be negotiating tomorrow, please see our post below.  For GEO members, more specific contract information is also available in the two previous GEO-Ls.  You can email or visit our facebook page for more information and updates.  You can view and download the flyer for tomorrow’s rally by right clicking on the image below.  Finally, check out the flyer for the first meeting (yay) of the GEO Access and Equality Caucus here.