G.E.O. Elections

The G.E.O. will be holding New Officer Elections beginning April 21.

New GEO Officers will be elected at the next General Membership Meeting on Mon, Apr 21, at 5:30PM at the University YMCA.  Voting will also be open on Tuesday, April 22, between 10AM and 6PM, and on Wednesday, April 23, between 10AM and 6PM.

All members are eligible to run for an officer position, and to join committees!

Officer Positions, and the Committees They Chair:

  • 2 Co-Presidents:  Lead the union, chair the GEO Coordinating Committee, and supervise staff…

  • Treasurer:  Propose a budget to membership and seek input, keep track of daily funds.

  • Communications Officer & Communications Committee:  Send out emails (like this one!), design t-shirts and posters, work with the press, and so on.

  • Grievance Officer and Grievance Committee:  Protect the contract!  Make sure that TAs and GAs get their tuition waivers, wages, etc, and are protected from discrimination, overwork…

  • Solidarity Officer and Solidarity Committee:  If members vote in support of the Solidarity Amendment, a new Solidarity Officer and Committee will become officially part of the union.  Duties would include working in solidarity with social justice and workers rights organizations.

  • Officers at Large:  Work with different committees, plan events, organize meetings, etc.

If you are interested in running for an officer position, please email geo@uigeo.org