TBT: Tuition Waivers Under Attack in 2010, Still Are Today

This TBT takes us back to a 2010 GEO struggle for tuition waivers for graduate students in Fine and Applied Arts departments

Watch the video to see how the 2009 contract was violated in 2010.

July 2010: The GEO submitted a complaint to university regarding graduate employees in Fine and Applied Arts (FAA). Instead of providing first year employees the usual full tuition waiver, FAA issued in-state tuition waivers plus scholarships. However, the scholarships fell short of the whole difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition, and FAA grads had to pay the difference ($1,050/yr on a $7,000 – 9,000/acad yr income).

What is more, the College refused to guarantee the scholarships. This means they could disappear after 1 year and depts. could have charged the in-state and out-of-state tuition difference (almost $14,000/yr). This is yet another example of flawed budget priorities; the most vulnerable members of the University community are frequently asked to shoulder the burdens of budget shortfalls.

The GEO filed a grievance to address this violation before first year students even arrived on campus. We’ve worked through the three levels that are internal to the university and a binding arbitration. The arbitration is like a court hearing, except the judge’s decision is final; it cannot be appealed.

July 2011: The GEO won the arbitration, but the University did not abide by it at that time.

November 2012: During bargaining, the administration agreed to GEO’s new tuition waiver language and to abide by the arbitrator’s decision as part of the new contract. GEO accepted smaller wage increases and a 5 year contract, instead of a 3 year contract, in return for the continued waiver protection and the pay out of the arbitration decision.

Spring 2013: 266 FAA grad employees received tuition refunds plus interest
The struggle was long but GEO stood by FAA graduate employees and GEO members helped put pressure on the administration by circulating the facts of the contract violation. GEO is in the middle of another grievance for Masters in Computer Science students. Learn more about this grievance and help pressure the University to honor their contracts and respect their graduate students.

Tuition Wiavers Frontline After a Level 3 Grievance Meeting in December of 2014, MCS students and GEO Grievance Committee members
Tuition Wiavers Frontline
After a Level 3 Grievance Meeting in December of 2014, MCS students and GEO Grievance Committee members


MCS students standing strong
MCS students standing strong

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Author: Alia Bellwood

Alia is a PhD student in the Department of Communication studying Rhetoric. She is proud to be an ex-debater, St. John's University and Syracuse University alum, and current GEO Officer at-Large.