Tuition Waiver Protection Support at Sweetcorn Festival

GEO had an amazing weekend at the Sweetcorn Festival! Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped make it such a success!

More than a dozen new member cards were signed and we engaged with community members  regarding our social justice efforts and collaborations in the future. GEO and community members played bags, asked questions and expressed their concerns about the threat of losing tuition waiver protection at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The most important thing we wanted to communicate was the threat of losing tuition waiver protections for graduate employees. For graduate employees, tuition waivers make our teaching and research at the University possible.

We won these protections in our 2012-2017 contract but must continue to defend that contract and send a clear message to the university that tuition waivers should be major priority. Graduate employees are not the only ones who understand how important tuition waivers are.

Read more about our current legal grievance against the administration for taking away these important parts of graduate student survival (Computer Science dept)

Here is the Facebook photo album!



Author: Alia Bellwood

Alia is a PhD student in the Department of Communication studying Rhetoric. She is proud to be an ex-debater, St. John's University and Syracuse University alum, and current GEO Officer at-Large.