Committees / Working Groups

The Stewards’ Council (SC) is made up of department representatives who work to advocate on behalf of GEO members. Meeting bi‐weekly, the SC organizes rallies, develops strategies for strengthening the union and increasing membership, and ensures that our union work most efficiently and effectively on behalf of campus workers. While each department has its own method for appointing stewards, any GEO member may serve as a steward. We welcome all members to join our meetings. If you have any questions, or would like to get involved, please contact the SC at


The Coordinating Committee (CC) is made up of elected officers from all committees, though any member may attend meetings. The CC makes decisions about large‐scale projects, some financial decisions, and the GEO’s long‐term vision. Please contact the Co‐President, Shawn Fields, at


The Grievance Committee (GC) works to enforce the GEO contract. If your rights as a worker are being violated, or if you have questions about your benefits, you contact the Grievance Committee…we’re here to help! We are also always looking for members to become involved in the committee. If you have an interest in worker’s rights, protecting our contract, or labor law then the GC is the committee for you. You do not need any specialized knowledge to be on the GC. If you are experiencing issues, please contact the Grievance Officer Amanda Yuile at


The Solidarity Committee (Sol Comm) is committed to working on issues of social justice and supporting them through various means such as financial endorsements, statements of support, and collaborations. To that end, the Solidarity Committee allows the creation of research groups to efficiently strategize around issues of social justice. Groups such as the Environmental Justice Research Group, the Gender Justice Research Group, and the Anti‐Police Brutality Research Group work on these issues and report to the Solidarity Committee. Please contact the Solidarity Co-Chairs Isis Rose at, Daniel Gonzalez at, and Efad Huq at


The Communications Committee (Comm Comm) is responsible for GEO’s communications strategy and oversees external communications. Members create content, edit, design, and distribute information for the GEO. These communications include the website, social media, orientation materials, mass emails, press releases, t‐shirts, buttons, stickers, and much more. Please contact the Communications Officer Maria Garth at


The International Students Working Group (ISWG) seeks to address the unique needs of international graduate employees. This is GEO’s newest group and is actively seeking new members (domestic members may join too). This group aims to engage international graduate students in more social events and provide specialized support to navigate finances, taxes, visas, and other issues. If you have any questions, or would like to get involved, please contact the GEO at


The Bargaining Team acts as the representative for graduate employees in negotiations with the University administration and any other relevant body over terms and conditions of employment. Members of the bargaining team are members in good standing, and include at least one of the Co-Presidents, two representatives chosen by the Stewards’ Council, and one member-at-large chosen by the membership at a membership meeting. Other members may be appointed by the Coordinating Committee, subject to the approval of the Stewards Council, or be elected by the Stewards Council or the membership following a decision by that body. Additional members may be appointed by these various bodies from time to time. Please contact


Additionally, we have a variety of member started working groups. Currently, members are working on issues pertaining to healthcare, gender justice, and international students. Any member at any time can start a working group or caucus to work on an issue they want to address.


The GEO has committees that form intermittently, like the Personnel Committee, Strike Committee, Elections Committee, and others. Contact to get involved.