Hosting a Department or Building Meeting

Meeting with the graduate students in your department or building is a great way to get involved – and get your colleagues involved – in our struggle for a fair contract. A member of the GEO organizing staff, or another member like yourself (or both) will be happy to come, give a breakdown of where we’re at, and answer questions, if you would like the support. Food and refreshment costs will be reimbursed by the GEO, so you can order pizza in, or go out for burgers and beers – or whatever will work for you and your colleagues (within reason).

1. Pick a date with a two week lead time. If you have a small department, you may want to do a little asking around to see when people are free. If your department has a GEO Steward, you can work together to plan the event.

2. Contact the GEO and let us know it’s happening, and what kind of support you would like.

3. Promote your event. If possible, enlist someone to help with posting on social media, flyering, and emailing. Personal invitations work better than email, and personal email invitations work better than bulk. Don’t be afraid to remind people that said they would come. There is free food involved, after all – along with the small matters of the wages, health care, diversity, and tuition waivers! Flyer in common spaces and especially in grad student offices–and everywhere you can get away with.

4. Get together with your colleagues, strategize, and win a fair contract!
Have a conversation with those who attend and pass out GEO shirts, buttons, and copies of our contract.

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