FAQ: Solidarity Committee

What does the Solidarity Committee do?
The Solidarity Committee (SolComm) is tasked with community and on-campus activism for the GEO. SolComm works with other unions, such as the Non-Tenure Faculty Coalition (NTFC), as well as other activist groups on campus, such as Black Students for Revolution and Students for Justice in Palestine. If you’re a member who is active in other organizations or activism on campus or in the community, SolComm is ideal for you!

Who chairs the committee?
The SolComm is co-chaired by GEO Solidarity Officers Efad Huq, Isis Rose, and Daniel Gonzalez. They can be contacted at solcomm@uigeo.org.

How often does the SolComm meet and how long are meetings?
Meetings usually take place once per month.  Please see the GEO events page for the next meeting.  Meetings last between one and two hours.

If I can’t attend meetings, how can I be involved?
Join the listserv! Contact GEO at geo@uigeo.org and say that you’d like to join the listserv. If you have recommendations for organizations that SolComm and the GEO should work with, please let us know!  

Who can I contact for more information about the SolComm?
You can contact the SolComm Officers (solcomm@uigeo.org) or the GEO staff (geo@uigeo.org) for more information.