Graduate healthcare at the University of Illinois provided through services at McKinley Health Center and coverage by the Student Insurance Plan.  Health insurance premiums are included in the fees you are charged by the University. Graduate employees receive a subsidy towards the cost of the health insurance (something gained through GEO’s contract negotiations!).  In 2012/13 the subsidy was $310. The University will pay $260 or 80% of the fee or whichever is greater.

Much of your primary healthcare can be gotten through the McKinley Health Center, which also includes a women’s health unit and some counselling facilities.

The University also has a Counseling Center which provides “services that address the psychological, educational, social, and developmental needs of UIUC students.”  The University charges a Health Service fee to cover the cost of these services – this is waived for Graduate Employees under the terms of the GEO contract.

Graduate students are also required to subscribe to the Student Health Insurance plan unless they obtain a waiver (because of having health insurance through another provider). Your health insurance covers part of the cost of hospital and specialist care – you should check the plan details, available on the Student Insurance website.

Some procedures are excluded, while others are covered only to the extent required by law. You can get information in advance of treatment from the Student Insurance office: 217-333-0165.


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